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Assignment writing forms a large part of any student’s academic journey. Not only does it help improve a student’s writing and researching skills but also in assessing their comprehension of a particular subject. However, the quality of an assignment is largely dependent on the student’s substantiation of the core topic, something that can only be done by grading the paper. 

Unfortunately, very few assignment grading tools out there have the intelligence and ability to mimic a teacher or instructor. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that multiple top assignment experts review and assignment expert review sites like Sitejabber are constantly blacklisting mediocre paper graders.

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To help overcome this challenge, we introduce to you our effective and pioneering online assignment grade calculator. This online tool is engineered to help students grade their assignments and research papers in a matter of seconds. It combines AI technology, machine learning,  and human understanding to gather assignment grading metrics to produce the most accurate results.

Additional Features of Our Safe Assignment Checker

On top of helping students check assignment/s, our all assignment experts review software is packed with auxiliary features to make your editing and proofreading a breeze. They include;

Grammar Checker

Our easy essay grader online tool leverages AI, NLP, and English grammar languages to identify and correct grammar mistakes and misused words in your texts with unmatched accuracy. This gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ve submitted an error-free assignment. 

Spell Checker

Spelling is one of the most overlooked aspects of English writing. However, the English language has an expansive list of unique rules, some of which can be hard to master and remember. Worse still, most less-sophisticated tools on the market often miss some of these glaring mistakes, but not our free assignment checker. It accurately identifies and corrects pesky spelling mistakes, as well as misused words in your assignments.

Comma Splice Checker

A comma splice is constructed when two independent clauses in a sentence are separated using the wrong punctuation mark. When writing an assignment, even the most experienced student can have a tough time determining the appropriate punctuation to use in their work. Luckily, our online assignment grader doubles as a punctuation checker and paper grader. You can use it to handle punctuation mistakes and save your brainpower for researching and articulating your ideas.

Style and Word Checker

Along with checking for punctuation mistakes, the assignment review tool can diagnose complex structural and stylistic issues like word usage, tone, conciseness, and so much more.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker for assignment/s is yet another robust feature that’s incorporated into our tool. It crawls through your work and compares it against billions of web pages and academic databases to detect accidental plagiarism in your sentences and paragraphs. Armed with this information, you can you can review the assignment here, appropriately cite and credit your sources, and ultimately, avoid the wrath that comes with academic plagiarism.

Common Mistakes Students Make When Writing Assignments

No matter how planned, experienced, and organized you are, no one is immune to making mistakes when writing assignments. Whilst some of these mistakes are minor, others are huge and can cost you big time. 

Below, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that students make when writing assignments, and how our assignment checker can help.

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1. Failing to Edit Before Submission

One of the common mistakes that students make when writing assignments is failing to review their assignments to ensure they deliver the right thing to the lecturers. Unfortunately, poorly edited assignments can lead to low grades, complete failure, and even damaged reputation, especially in higher levels of academia. If you don’t have editing experience or the finances to hire a professional editor, our assignment masters review tool has a free and paid version. 

2. Lack of Clear Introduction

Another mistake that students fail to tackle when writing assignments is omitting the introduction. Basically, the introductory paragraphs are aimed at explaining what you intend to talk about in the body of your assignment. If you are looking to score high marks, then you should always include an introduction in your assignments. And since our safe assignment check tool features a robust statement checker, you can rest easy knowing that your assignment has all the prerequisite elements in English writing.

3. Poor Paragraphs

All your assignments should also have the right paragraphs, with each one of them supporting the assignment’s topic or idea. Along with that, if you are discussing different ideas, you need to ensure you need to create separate paragraphs for each to make it easier for the reader to understand everything.

4. Incorrect Referencing

Different academic papers have different referencing styles. As a student, the first thing you need to know before writing an assignment is the referencing style required by reading through the instructions offered by your lecturer or instructor. 

After that, you need to research widely and start writing, ensuring you reference the material as instructed. The good thing about our paper checker free tool is that it allows you to counter-check whether you have referenced everything by incorporating a robust plagiarism checker. 

5. Poor Conclusion

After spending days or weeks writing an assignment, most students tend to forget a conclusion or simply blast through it. Unfortunately, leaving out or hurriedly writing a conclusion is a big mistake as it is a critical element of the paper that helps summarize your findings. To avoid this, you need to take time when writing a conclusion, as it shows whoever is grading your assignment that you tackled the topic to its conclusive end. 

Use our assignment grader today to find test, quiz, and assignment scores in advance and make your writing more effective.