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A few decades ago, dark clouds floated over colleges and universities: there was no internet and learners had to spend countless hours in libraries reading textbooks to write term papers. And for those that didn’t have the time to research, desperately enticing classmates with chocolate bars to help them write papers became the order of the day. Put simply, homework was essentially a nightmare. 

Fast forward to today, the internet has essentially wiped off manual research, and there are multiple online resources that learners can use to write high-quality papers. And one such tool is an online paper grader like ours.

The tool is used by students to know their grades before handing in their academic papers, whereas teachers use it to grade students’ papers. But that’s not the best part; our free online paper checker also features a grammar and punctuation checker, verb-usage checker, comma splice checker, and plagiarism checker. 

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How Does Our College Paper Grader Work?

Using our paper checker free tool is a four-step process.

  • Visit our Website.
  • Upload or copy-paste your paper in the blank editor field, and ensure you don’t go beyond the set word count limit.
  • Wait for a few seconds for the grader to analyze your text and highlight all the errors.
  • Next, click the highlighted mistakes to uncover the suggestions and implement them as needed.
  • If need be, you can check for accidental plagiarism using the included paper plagiarism checker. Simply click on the “Check Plagiarism” button and you’ll receive a comprehensive report on the uniqueness of your work.
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Benefits of Using Our Paper Checker Grammar Tool for College Students

If you are a college or university student, using our online paper corrector has multiple benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using our tool:

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Although there are multiple paper graders on the market, not all are created equal. Our tool is one of the most versatile out there as it features an assignment grade calculator, grammar checker, comma splice checker, and plagiarism checker. This gives you a centralized platform to edit all your work without moving from one platform to the other.

Easy to Use

Today, web forms are everywhere and our free paper corrector is just another web form. All you need to do is to copy-paste your typed text into the blank area, click the “Check” button, and you are good to go. Better yet, our school paper grader has a user-friendly interface, so you don’t need vocational or technical knowledge to operate it. 

Faster and Accurate Grading

Our dissertation grade calculator uses AI and NLP to learn and continually improve accuracy. This means its ability to replicate the human grading process is unmatched, and you’ll hardly notice that your grading was done by an online tool. And unlike a human instructor or professional editor who may take several days, our tool gives instant feedback so you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline.

Potential for Lifelong Learning

Even after grading and identifying mistakes in your papers, our paper grader calculator offers the most appropriate suggestion. With enough repetition and situational writing awareness, these corrections can help college students establish a revision strategy reflex. 

Promote Learner Autonomy

One of the unintended consequences of schooling is that it affects the learner’s autonomy, as they have to depend on teachers and instructors to know what is right and wrong. With the help of our paper grader, students can break this reliance, ultimately instilling autonomy.

24/7 Availability

Another benefit of using our research paper grader is that it is cloud-hosted. This makes it available 24/7, letting you edit anytime. Along with that, it is not IP sensitive, so it is not limited to certain geographical locations and countries.

Universities and Colleges That Have Adopted Automated Paper Graders

Today, many companies and industries have been looking for creative ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency using technology, and education is not an exception. In fact, most colleges and universities have been adopting automated grading systems to help teachers and instructors effectively grade students’ papers.

In this section, we are going to look at some international universities that have adopted these grading institutions.

University of Leeds

In 2020, The University of Leeds started adopting an AI-powered grading system to remotely access and grade students’ work. As of today, professors within the institution have professed how the tool has helped save time and improve efficiency when grading papers.

University of Amsterdam

Along with adopting an automatic paper fixer, The University of Amsterdam also equips its educators with various tools including a plagiarism checker, peer-to-peer feedback tool, and more. 


edX is an open online course provider created by MIT and Harvard. It hosts a wide range of university-level courses across different disciplines, some of which are free. In 2013, edX became one of the early adopters of AI essay graders, which has been helping students to write and rewrite their papers without having to wait for instructors to evaluate every draft.

US Universities

In the US, multiple universities use automated grading systems including Louisiana University, University of North Dakota, Utah State University, and West Virginia University. Some secondary schools use these paper grader free tools as backup systems to supplement the human assessors.

Try our paper grader today and improve the quality of your academic papers.