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Grading forms a huge part of the educational evaluation process. Not only does it play a critical factor in designating a student’s success, but also establishes the extent to which they have met the defined objectives in their curriculum. As a student, you are not only required to read multiple essays during your academic education but also write an equally huge number throughout your scholastic career.  Teachers, on the other hand, have to shoulder the burden of promoting literacy among students, as well as spend countless hours trying to grade their essays. So, how can both the students and teachers deliver maximum feedback with minimum effort?

The answer lies in an essay checker and corrector like our online grader. Along with helping students know their grades before handing in their papers, our services help speed up the grading process for teachers. But that’s not the best part; our online easy grader also doubles as a grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker, making it an all-rounded proofreading tool.

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But before we see how it can help you more, what is an essay anyway?

Basically, an essay is a piece of academic paper written by a student, and it is designed to convey an idea, propose an argument, or even initiate a debate. Depending on the topic, subject, and academic level, an essay can be as short as 500 words, although the word range can go as high as 5000 words. 

How Are Essays Different From Other Forms of Academic Writing?

Whether in the lower academic cadre or the pinnacle of academia, essays have several distinct characteristics that distinguish them from other forms of academic writing. For example, one of the primary differences between essay writing and other styles of writing is style. Essays require a formal and structured style, whereas other forms of writing are casual in their approach. 

Along with that, essay writing is more concise, objective, and impersonal. This means it mainly focuses on laying bare and discussing the idea or topic, as opposed to focusing on the author. Still, essay writing is more complex and features a lot of technical jargon, which is not the case with general writing.

With all these technical, stylistic, and structural rules to adhere to, students tend to naturally gravitate to alternative proofreading methods like essay checker free online tools and services. And this brings us to the next topic. How popular are these essay checker free tools?

Demand for Automated Essay Checker and Grader/s

With the growth in AI technology, the global needs for both customers and businesses have changed and continue to change every day. Things that were once sci-fi concepts are slowly becoming a reality, and AI online essay checker systems are no exception. Thanks to their smart, accurate, and cost-effective capabilities, these AI-based thesis grader software have become a global trend and an instant hit among students and teachers.

Who Can Use Our Online Essay Grader?

Whether you are in the academic world, business world, or deal with typed documents regularly, our essay fixer online will become a staple in your writing routine. Here are some of the professionals who can use our online software. 

Students – if you are a student, our college essay grader will help you know and improve your potential grades before handing in your essays. It also doubles as grammar, punctuation, comma splice, and plagiarism checker, helping improve the quality of your writing in essays, term reports, theses, dissertations, and even college entrance applications. 

Teachers and instructors – to encourage critical reasoning among students, it is important for teachers, instructors, and professors to assign and grade essays. Unfortunately, grading multiple essays is both expensive and time-consuming. With the help of our automated essay paper checker, however, they can lower costs and grade huge volumes of essays in record time. 

Professionals – aside from being an essay checker, our tool also helps provide expert assistance and instant feedback on the accuracy and coherence of all typed documents, reports, emails, and so much more.

Job seekers – our free essay checker and corrector is an equally powerful tool for job seekers, English language learners, and foreign students, as it offers learning opportunities in the form of word suggestions and a Thesaurus dictionary. 

Benefits of Our College Essay Checker

Our engineering team has ensured we have the best essay checker on the market. So, if you are on the hunt for a good online grading tool, here are some of the benefits that you’ll get using our tool. 

Time-saving – unlike human graders that take time to go through your essay with a fine comb picking mistakes, our essay grader uses AI, NLP, and over 500 English grammar rules to identify all mistakes in a matter of seconds.

Versatility at its best – our essay grader free tool epitomizes versatility. On top of being an essay grader, it features other complementary features such as a grammar checker, essay punctuation checker, comma splice checker,   verb calculator, and a plagiarism checker, making it the ultimate all-rounder.

24/7 availability – as a student or instructor who is always on the move, you’ll love the fact that our free online essay grader is cloud-hosted, which gives it 24/7 availability. Along with that, it is not IP sensitive, so you don’t have to worry about your location.

Ultimate confidentiality – the privacy of your data and information is a sheer priority for us. Our essay fixer doesn’t collect, reveal, or redirect your identity and personal data to third parties.

Try our essay grader today for guaranteed good grades on your essays.