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If you are enrolled or planning to get into a Master’s Degree program, chances are you’ve heard the terms “thesis” and a “thesis grader”. But before we talk about the latter, let’s first discuss a thesis. Basically, a thesis paper is the metaphoric final hurdle that you need to clear before becoming a fully-fledged research scholar, and it’s mainly geared toward evaluating how well you understand the subject.

The next phase after writing your thesis or thesis statement is editing, proofreading, and grading. Grading, in particular, is important for students, as it provides feedback on their learning process. But even for the most seasoned student, it can be hard to write the perfect statement and even make some silly mistakes. And that’s where a good thesis checker like ours comes in.

Thesis Grader

This thesis corrector can help you grade your thesis statement and paper before handing it in,  as well as identify and correct grammar and punctuation mistakes in your work. It leverages AI capabilities, NLP technology, and English grammar rules, making it one of the most accurate tools of its kind out there. 

The Basics of Thesis Statement Writing

In the US, the term “thesis” is used to describe two primary and distinct academic requirements:

Thesis statement — this is the core of an academic paper. A thesis paper with a clear thesis statement is typical in liberal arts classes, such as history or literature, and it can vary in word range and citation style.

Final thesis — this is a longer form of academic paper, and it is a prerequisite to completing a Master’s degree program. Writing this type of paper may require months or even years’ worth of research, and you will have to ultimately defend it in front of a university committee.

Whilst the internationally accepted word count of a Master’s thesis ranges between 40,000 to 60,000 words, the perfect thesis statement only takes 20-50 words. As a student, writing a good thesis grader is important for three primary reasons;

  • It helps you generate the essay’s main idea in a clear and concise manner. 
  • A thesis statement also helps create a true north for you as the writer as well as the person who will be reading your work.
  • Lastly, a well-crafted thesis statement helps decode the main idea of your thesis to the reader. 

How Our Thesis Fixer Works

thesis fixer

Using our thesis checker is a simple and straightforward tool.

  • Start by visiting our website.
  • Copy-paste or upload your typed thesis in the tool’s blank editor field.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the check my thesis tool will highlight all the errors in your texts.
  • Next, click on the highlighted errors to automatically implement the suggestions.
  • Once done, you can also use our dissertation plagiarism checker to catch accidental plagiarism in your texts. Just click the “Check Plagiarism” button and you’ll receive a comprehensive report in less than a minute. 

Benefits of Using Our Thesis Checker Free Tool

thesis checker

As a student, using an online thesis check tool has multiple benefits. They include but are not limited to the following:

Saves time – one of the primary benefits of using our thesis grammar corrector is its time-saving aspect. Unlike a human editor who may require days or weeks to edit your thesis, our tool takes a few seconds to crawl through your work and give instant results. This is particularly important if you are a busy student, as you don’t have to worry about missing the submission deadline.

Versatile – Our essay checker is one of the most versatile editing and proofreading tools out there. On top of helping grade essays, it also doubles as a grammar and plagiarism checker online for thesis. These auxiliary features let you edit your work in a centralized platform without moving from one platform to the other.

Easy to use – our thesis grader online tool is easy to use, all thanks to its user-friendly interface. As such, you don’t require any technical or vocational skills to use our tool. Simply upload or paste your typed text on the tool and hit the check button, and you are good to go.

Knowledge enhancement – another benefit of checking your thesis using our tool is that it provides you the opportunity to improve your language. It offers synonyms and suggestions for the different mistakes in your texts, ultimately helping you improve your grasp of the English language.

Secure – our thesis plagiarism checker leverages advanced encryption technology, meaning your texts and information are secure from prying online scammers. Still, our tool doesn’t save your texts on the local servers, and we don’t share your information with third parties. 

Free to use – if you are a student without the financial resources to hire a professional editor, our tool comes with a free and premium version, allowing you to edit your thesis without limitations. Better yet, it is available 24/7, letting you edit your texts even when on the move.

Try our thesis grader today to make your writing more effective.